Stories from Share Your Trip with BTD

Share Your Trip with BTD was a part of the Go Boston 2030 initiative that paired people who work for the Boston Transportation Department with people who live and work in Boston who volunteered to tell their stories about getting around the City. Combined with project and policy ideas collected at “Ideas on the Street” pop-ups as well as data analysis about future demand, these stories were designed to form the narrative backbone of the Action Plan phase.

After all the trips

Share Your Trip participants

In Fall 2015, Go Boston 2030 collected project and policy ideas in many ways – online (via computers, tablets, and smart phones), at interactive idea roundtables, on the street at our pop-up, and by collecting the stories of 10 people

Mash’s Trip: A small business owner who walks almost everywhere


Mash owns Butterfly Falafel, a café next to the Roxbury Crossing T station. Whether he’s going to work, to soccer, or to the mosque, he travels on foot. He shared a morning walk with Pat Hoey, a senior transportation planner

Jenn’s Trip: Biking for health, talking about safety

Jenn smiling at an intersection

Jenn is a pediatrician who relies on her bike to commute but sometimes drives and takes the Green Line for other trips. She shared her evening commute from Boston Medical Center to her home in Brookline with Kim Foltz, a

Arina’s Trip on the Blue Line and the Shuttle

Arina - Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 1.54.36 PM

Arina lives in East Boston. Each morning she walks to the Blue Line at Airport Station, rides in to State, walks to North Station, and takes a MASCO shuttle to the Longwood Medical Area. As part of her job, she

Marah’s Trip: The Reluctant Driver

Marah unlocking her car

Marah commutes by car from Dorchester to Roxbury each day. Although her car is useful for getting to meetings during the day, she wishes that infrastructure and cultural improvements that would make it easier for her to take the bus,

Angela’s Trip on the Southwest Corridor


Angela lives in Jamaica Plain, Boston’s quintessential biking neighborhood, and commutes up the Southwest Corridor, which feels like a bike highway most mornings. As an Afro-Latina though, she’s defying stereotypes about who cycles in Boston, and she wants to eliminate

Matt’s Trip: Traveling in 21st Century Boston

Matt docking his Hubway bike

Matt has the kind of trip that wasn’t possible fifteen years ago, or even five – he walks down the Greenway with his son “Chewie” to take him to daycare and then grabs a Hubway bike to finish his commute

Victor’s Trip: Improving personal and citywide mobility

8 Victor cover photo

Victor started the summer in a wheelchair, but has been doing a physical therapy study at Northeastern that has built his strength up so he can now walk with a cane. He shared a ride from East Boston in the

Jeffrey’s Trip: Seeing transportation without sight


Jeffrey is an avid theater-goer who lives in Allston and is legally blind. After living in Sharon in his teens and early 20’s, he appreciates how much he can walk and ride on public transit in Boston. He shared a

Bree’s Trip on the Commuter Rail

Photography: Allana Taranto, Ars Magna

Bree commutes from Roslindale to Ruggles by commuter rail daily with her three-year-old Zoe.  She shared her morning commute from Bellevue Station to Northeastern University with Charlotte Fleetwood, a transportation planner at BTD who is focused on Vision Zero and

Juan’s Trip on the #1 Bus

Juan at 1 stop

Juan is a Texas transplant who has lived in Boston for 18 years and loves that he can live here without a car. He shared his evening commute from his job at a nonprofit in Harvard Square to his home