The Question Campaign

The Question Campaign

Great ideas often start with a question, and organizations all over the city helped collect questions to inspire Boston’s vision. Questions were collected online, by partner organizations supporting the City campaign, and at a Question Truck that toured the neighborhoods.

We collected nearly 5,000 questions during January and February of 2015. All of the questions are now available online. You can read the questions, explore them on a map, or organize them by theme.

Read the 5,000 Questions

The Question Truck made 15 neighborhood stops between January 29 and February 7 collecting questions and sharing warm drinks. You can watch the experience of visiting the question truck at Copley Square and City Hall Plaza in the videos below.

The first time we collected questions, in September 2015 at Circle the City on Blue Hill Avenue, people had this to say.


Check out more from the Go Boston 2030 Question Campaign in our Flickr album by clicking the image below!

What's Your Question Truck: Copley Square and City Hall

Featured Questions Collected on the Street