The Best Apps for Getting Around Boston

Worried you’ll get lost in Boston? Perhaps all you need are a smartphone and Internet access. Here, we’ll give you several apps that you should download if you’re going to Boston. These will help you to not only find the best routes but also to explore the capital of Massachusetts like never before.

Riding a Shuttle in Boston

boston-pngIf you don’t have your own car or you simply don’t want to use it, why not travel on a shuttle? The city of Boston provides a good number of shuttles that are either very affordable or absolutely free. While you can always just ask for directions from residents, there’s always the reliable TransLoc Rider mobile app.

TransLoc Rider is available on both Android and iOS devices. It’s an app that helps you track public transportation schedules in real time. So when you’re in Boston, all you have to do is open this app to find your preferred shuttle — and the app will even send out a notification once it’s near you.

If you’re staying in Boston for an extended period of time, you can create a list of your favorite shuttle rides. Some of the shuttle systems to choose from include those for Boston College, Harvard, MIT, and the Children’s Hospital. However, do note that some shuttles will ask for an appropriate ID.

TransLoc Rider is constantly updated to help its users see the most accurate arrival time no matter their location. Plus, the app lets you know if there are any service interruptions. If those do happen, you’ll be glad to know that the app has Uber integration as well.

Driving Around Boston

Admittedly, the city is infamous for its traffic — but that doesn’t mean you can’t use your car. One of the best ways to get around Boston using a private vehicle is Waze. It’s an app that relies on crowdsourcing to determine the best possible routes.

So how does it work? Simply put, Waze allows drivers to share recent traffic updates to help others navigate around the area. The app even goes beyond traffic alerts to provide a detailed account of what’s going on. Thus, you can change your route to avoid any reported accidents and road hazards.

You get to see your Facebook friends on Waze, which is perfect if you’re going to meet them in Boston. Just remember to set up a VPN to safely communicate with them while you’re out on the road. Are VPN legal in USA? Yes, so there’s nothing to worry about using one in Boston.

Apart from TransLoc Rider and Waze, you can always rely on Transit and Google Maps. These will help you find public transportation options in Boston. Also, Google Maps gives you a variety of travel options and their respective duration. Just turn on the GPS and follow the directions.

No matter which app you choose, always be careful when you travel. Do not go beyond the speed limit and you should be mindful of pedestrians and drivers alike.