Idea Review

Idea Review Session and Scenario Charrette

From January to April 2016, the Go Boston 2030 team worked to organize the project and policy ideas into a useful database for the public and to share with local and national experts. You can read all of the ideas here.

Four transportation futures – go local, go crosstown, go regional, and go tech – were developed through the iterative process described below.

Idea Review Session

In January 2016, Go Boston 2030 shared all of the project and policy ideas with members of our Advisory Committee and with our community and interagency partners. They provided feedback on which ideas could have the biggest impact of helping us to achieve our vision of a more equitable transportation system that links people to economic opportunities and is responsive to climate change.

Their efforts helped to bring similar ideas together and created a starting point for selecting the ideas that now appear in the possible transportation futures for Boston.


Scenario Workshop

The Scenario Workshop was a three-day event that brought together planners, advocates, public agencies, and engineers to develop four possible future scenarios (the families of projects and policies) at the Roxbury Innovation Center in Dudley Square.

During the three days there were also nine conversations about transportation. Advocates and officials came together to have specialized discussions about topics ranging from legislative opportunities to social justice to accessing job and education centers to embracing innovation.

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Open Studio

On Tuesday, March 29, 2016, the Scenario Workshop set up drafts of the possible futures and invited the public to select their top projects and provide feedback on how the futures were being organized.
Go Boston 2030 Open Studio at the Scenario Workshop
Selected clusters of projects and policies were shared with the public to gather input on how the futures should be organized.
Members of the public got to talk to the design team about their ideas.