Project and Policy Ideas

Project and Policy Ideas

In order to develop the final Vision and Action Plan, we drew on the goals, targets, and a bold vision  of the draft Vision Framework and collected project and policy ideas across the city in the fall of 2015. 3,700 project and policy ideas were gathered through a story telling process, a pop-up bike trailer, and interactive roundtable discussions. Learn more about each phase of the process below.

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Share Your Trip

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10 Boston residents volunteered to share a regular trip with a member of the Boston Transportation Department staff in the fall of 2015. BTD leaders, planners, and engineers learned about the current and future needs of people walking, riding trains and buses, biking, driving, and being driven.

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Ideas on the Street

The Ideas on the Street pop-up visited 31 neighborhood locations between September 19 and October 21 of 2015. The expandable bike trailer collected project and policy ideas on paper maps and Members of the street team talked with people at events, square, and T stations across the city. An online platform also allowed people to share their project and policy ideas with words and maps using the smart phones or computers.

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Idea Roundtables

On November 10, November 14, and November 19 of 2015, Go Boston 2030 hosted three interactive conversations about the future of transportation. Participants sat with people from other neighborhoods and discussed possible ways to address the challenges facing our transportation systems.

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