Go Boston 2030 is a City of Boston initiative to envision a bold transportation future for Boston for the next 5, 10, and 15 years.

The plan will develop a far-reaching vision that proposes transformative polices and projects to improve transportation for the city’s residents, businesses and visitors. The 18-month process is being driven by data and steered through an unprecedented and inclusive public engagement process. Go Boston 2030 has developed a Vision Report with goals and targets released in September 2015 and will be developing an Action Plan specifying policies and projects to be finalized in Summer 2016.

What can Boston city government do — whether in partnership with others or by itself — to increase mobility while preserving and improving the environment, economy and livability

— Mayor Martin J. Walsh

This plan begins from the premise that it’s about people and how they get around. The plan will propose how transportation can support significant improvements in:



The plan will strive for all Bostonians to have access to quality transportation that helps them reach jobs, education, health care, affordable housing, healthy food, culture and open space opportunities. Transportation options in every neighborhood should be accessible and safe.



The plan will work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transportation by reducing the number of miles driven per person and increasing the number of trips made without a car. Transportation infrastructure should be prepared for extreme weather events.


The plan will foster connections to employment, support development and neighborhood revitalization, and enhance growth of new industries like healthcare and technology start-ups.